“We’ve been using Thundershirt at my clinic, and the feedback from our clients is very positive. Thundershirt is a good alternative solution to try versus medications. And it will definitely ‘Do no harm’.”

Dr. Donald Heagren, DVM
Cornwallis Road Animal Hospital
Durham, NC

Overwhelmingly, Thundershirt has been a success with our cases for thunderstorms and fireworks.”

Dr. Mark Guise, DVM
Lockwillow Avenue Animal Hospital
Harrisburg, PA

“I have used Thundershirt with my own dog and have seen a real improvement with her fear of thunderstorms and other loud noises. I am now recommending Thundershirt to my clients with good results.”

Dr. Joanne Baldwin, DVM
Cardinal Animal Hospital
Richmond, VA

“In my experience as a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and dog owner, the Thundershirt can dramatically relieve a dog’s anxieties associated with thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, etc. The even, gentle pressure of the Thundershirt can refocus the dog to a more relaxed, calmer state. Using Thundershirt to relieve the symptoms of anxiety is a good alternative to medications and at Euro 39.95, it’s a terrific value.”

Jenn Merritt, CPDT
Efland, NC

As a Physical Therapist and Tellington TTouch Instructor, I frequently teach about the effectiveness of pressure wraps to reduce anxiety and fear responses in dogs. The Thundershirt is the perfect tool for calming dogs who suffer from noise phobia, anxiety, and other fear related issues. My personal experience using the Thundershirt with my own dogs has been very positive, and I happen to live in Oklahoma where storms are both frequent and dramatic! Thank you for providing this valuable product to help dogs cope with these environmental stressors.

Kathy Cascade, PT
International TTouch Instructor